Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is strongly connected with the principles of sustainability; an organization should make the decisions based not only on financial factors, but also on the social & environmental consequences. Therefore, it is the core corporate responsibility of "YKK India Pvt Ltd. (YKK)" to practice its corporate values through its commitment to grow in a socially & environmentally responsible way, while meeting the interests of its stakeholders.

YKK recognizes that its business activities have wide impact on the societies in which it operates, and therefore an effective practice is required giving due consideration to the interests of its stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, local communities & other organizations. The company endeavours to make CSR a key business process for sustainable development. Our company is committed towards aligning with nature; & has adopted eco-friendly practices. YKK is committed to undertake CSR activities in accordance with the provision of Section 135 of the companies Act, 2013 & related rules.

YKK's Philosophy and management principle:

Our founder Tadao Yoshida believed that an enterprise is an important member of society that must coexist with the other elements of society and be recognized for the benefits it shares with society . He created the foundation for today's YKK: Corporate management that is considerate of mutual prosperity with society. Inheriting this foundation and expanding YKK as a global company , Tadao Yoshida made "fairness" the common basis for decision and actions in a diversified organization , and he encouraged ceaseless effort for the value creation.

We inherit the YKK philosophy and management principle as our fundamental values.

  • To develop a long term vision & strategy for YKK's CSR objectives.
  • Pursue CSR programs primarily in areas that fall within the economic vicinity of the company's operations to enable close supervision & ensure maximum development impact; & shall undertake proactive engagement with the stakeholders to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the periphery/ community in which it operates.
  • To develop the required capability & self-reliance of beneficiaries at the grass roots through Vocational training, educational programs specially for women of nearby villages in the belief that these are prerequisites for social & economic development.
  • Emphasize on providing basic health care facilities to nearby village people.
  • Focus on education of children by uplifting the basic infrastructure of schools at Primary level in nearby vicinity of YKK.
  • Using environment friendly & safe processes in production.
  • Facilitate water conservation by reducing water consumption at the plants & taking up rain water harvesting projects.

Our Board of Directors, our management & all of our employees subscribe to the philosophy of "Cycle of Goodness". We believe & act on an ethos of generosity & compassion, characterized by the willingness to build a society that works for everyone. Our Philosophy, Management principle & Core values are the driving force of our CSR policy. 

The CSR Committee shall be headed by the Board of Director/s of the company. The constitution/ re-constitution of the CSR Committee shall be done by the Board of Directors of the company from time to time as per the applicable requirements of the Companies Act, 2013. 


  • Review of the CSR activities to be undertaken by YKK. The CSR Committee shall be guided by the list of activities specified in Schedule VII to the companies Act, 2013.
  • Formulate and recommend to the Management about the CSR activities/programs to be undertaken by YKK.
  • Recommend the CSR expenditure to be incurred on the CSR activities/programs.
  • Implementation and monitoring of execution of the CSR activities.
  • Prepare an annual report of the CSR activities and submit such report to Board of Directors.

The CSR Committee shall meet as often as its members deem necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities relating to it. 


  • YKK shall spend a minimum of 2% of its average Net profits in the immediately preceding three (3) financial years in accordance with companies Act, 2013.
  • CSR Expenditure shall not include expenditure on an item not in conformity or not in line with activities which fall within purview of the CSR activities listed under Companies Act, 2013.
  • The CSR expenditure may be incurred through any of the following modes :
    1. On its own or
    2. Through a registered trust or a registered society or a company established by the company or its holding of subsidiary or associate company under section 8 of the companies Act 2013 or otherwise subject to the rules as provided in the companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014 or any other rules /regulations as may be applicable from time to time,
    3. The company may also collaborate with other companies for undertaking projects or programs or CSR activities in such a manner that the CSR Committee of respective companies are in a position to report separately on such projects or programs in accordance with Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules,2014.

All projects are identified in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community, literally sitting with them & gauging their basic needs. Based on a consensus & in discussion with the village panchayats, & other influential/ concerned persons, projects are prioritized. 
Arising from this the focus areas that have emerged are Education, Health care, Sustainable livelihood, Infrastructure development, & espousing social causes. All of our community projects are carried out under the aegis YKK India's CSR initiative for community & rural development. 

  • CSR committee shall review the progress & impact of various implemented CSR programs, to determine any further action plans that need to be undertaken.
  • Appropriate documentation of the CSR policy, Annual CSR activities report, Budget & expenditure incurred on CSR activities will be prepared, reviewed & approved on a regular basis as required by the companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014, as amended/ replaced from time to time, & should be reviewed by CSR committee.
  • Any surplus arising out of CSR projects or programs or activities shall not form part of the business profits of the company.
  • For CSR spend the preference to be given to the local area & areas around which the company operate for CSR spending.

YKK India Pvt Ltd is a part of the South East Asia operations. Manufactured to rigorous quality-control standards within a vertically integrated production system, YKK's products have earned us the reputation of a global market leader.





Boundry Wall


Main Gate


Path made up of Interlocking tiles


Central Ground




Flooring of Rooms


Doors & windows


Fans & Tubelights


Drinking water area


Park Development


School Building Painting


Entrance road




Table, Chair


Sewing & Embroidery Training: Machine & Hand Embroidery

English Speaking Course

Certificate Distribution

Yoshidha San on his India Visit in nov-2015 taking a look of Vocational Training to nearby poor village girls to support them to make self reliable

Educational Training to nearby Girl students to contribute in Girls Education in Rural area

Primary Health Centre to facilitate free basic medical treatment to nearby villagers at Suthana village.