YKK: A New Global Green Business Frontier

Awareness and concern of people around the Globe about Green and Healthy Surrounding are at hype. This is what encouraged the team of YKK to create a new global green business frontier where they can recycle hazardous plastic materials to adopt and offer Green and Sustainable solutions to everyone.

The increase in consciousness for a sustainable and green lifestyle is encouraging the consumers to pay close attention to the recycled materials. Consumers are no longer attracted to the brand name and hefty price of the product but now they are more conscious about the brand’s social responsibility like promoting Green Environment and Plastic-Free surroundings.

Stand with us to make the World a Better Place to Live.

An Initiative To Create Green Ecosystem

Plastics are all around us and it is toilsome to get rid of them completely. But, the act of recycling plastics can create a big difference to live a clean, healthy and efficient lifestyle.

  • The more we recycle, the more sustainable life we choose.
  • Recycled plastics to shape new products.
  • Enhance shelf life of products.
  • Eco system accelerates with recycled product.

New Product..

We focus on our customers’ needs and requirements. Based on this approach, we continue to develop new and unique products on a regular basis. YKK Fastening Group has 8 Research and Development Centers across the world. One of the R&D center is in India. Ykk India is proud to be the part of it. Through the R&D Center in YKK INDIA, we are able to pursue our continuous objective of fulfilling every customer request...


YKK Quality..

YKK has been and will continue to be the company that customers think of when presented with the word “Quality.” This was no fate or accident. Ever since YKK has opened its doors for business, we have set a high-quality standard called: “YFS”, an acronym for “YKK Fastening Standards.” Through decades of research and rigorous testing, YKK has achieved the ability to consistently manufacture and supply high-quality fastening products of anywhere in the world and at any time. Hence, YKK Quality is not just Japanese Quality; it is a Global Standard..

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